White gold interests more and more people. In this matter, the 1 tola gold rate in UK is 22K = 395.25 Pounds. Such a metal consists of traditional yellow gold, as well as some impurities. At first, nickel was used to produce such a peculiar alloy. But chemical tests showed that it can cause allergic reactions, so it was replaced with palladium, which can be qualified as a hypoallergenic material. Silver alloys are also very widely used.

The amount of white gold is measured in carats. In jewelry with 18 carats, only a quarter of the mass is occupied by impurities, and everything else is pure gold.

general description

Any piece of jewelry is an alloy. In ordinary yellow gold, copper is used, as well as zinc, the amount of which corresponds to a specific sample. Silver and palladium, which are used in white gold, make any jewelry even more valuable and noble. For shine, beauty, and elegance, a special coating of rhodium is applied to the decoration.

Rhodium plating

Rhodium plating is done in order to give the subject a bright white color with an unusual sheen. White gold with such a coating has a rather solid cost, in contrast to a simple yellow metal. If you do not treat the alloy with rhodium, then it will remain at its natural color, which is gray, and even peculiarly dull. The rhodium-plated coating is necessary not only to give white gold attractiveness and beauty but also in order to protect it from all kinds of damage, scratches and other harmful effects. Such protection is very easy to provide since rhodium is hard enough to withstand falls, shock, and friction.

Thanks to this coating, it is impossible to accurately determine the number of carats without special equipment or an experienced professional. Rhodium, like any material thing, has the ability to fade and wear out. In order to give the decoration its last shine, a special re-coating is carried out with the help of the same rhodium.

How many carats can be in gold

White gold is quite expensive and its price depends on the number of carats in the product. There are three types of products:

There can be no more or less. Accordingly, the more carats, the more money you will have to pay for jewelry.

Fields of application

White gold is widely used to produce quality, prestigious and stylish jewelry. Such jewelry is usually worn only in narrow elite circles of society. This gold is very harmoniously combined with different styles of clothing, including things for everyday use.

Precious stones can be added to white gold jewelry to add beauty and make it more valuable. Today, white gold wedding rings are very popular and in demand. They are not as familiar and commonplace as rings made of ordinary yellow precious metal. Very often diamonds of different sizes are added to the rings. This makes the decoration not just a treasure, but a real work of art.

Price range

The 1 tola 22K gold rate is 395.25 Pounds in UK. Many buyers are interested in how much is white gold if you take the price per gram. Such a metal alloy is more expensive than regular yellow gold, but almost half the price of platinum. The cost of jewelry depends on the number of carats in precious stones (if any). White gold jewelry containing diamonds is considered the most expensive. You can also use rubies, emeralds, topazes, the use of which also affects the set cost of jewelry.

Faceting rings

There are four types of cuts that are used with respect to white gold:

  1. Frame;
  2. Invisible faceting;
  3. Protrusion;
  4. Chevron.

The type of cut should be selected depending on how often this product will be used. If daily use is planned, it is recommended to make a high-quality frame that will firmly and reliably hold stones, as well as protect gold from various damages.

The invisible cut involves fixing the stones with brackets that are attached to special openings that are placed under the stone. About all these types of cuts, you can hear only positive reviews, because all of them are effective and most effective in a particular case.

Wear and Care Rules

There are certain rules for handling white gold, the observance of which makes its wear slower. First of all, you should protect jewelry from contact with various chemicals. When cleaning the house or washing dishes, it is recommended to remove all jewelry. Also, do not wear rings, chains, bracelets and everything else when visiting the pool. Chlorine, which is contained in water, can adversely affect the rhodium coating and significantly reduce its technical properties and characteristics.

If there are stones in the jewelry, then there should be constant and thorough care for them. If you take into account how much the jewelry, which includes white gold and precious stones, costs, you don’t really want to spoil this product in the first days of its use.

Alloy purpose

Many jewelers prefer to set diamonds with white gold. There are good reasons for this. White gold is used to hide or correct those minor imperfections that may be present in jewelry. Ordinary yellow metal in a few years can penetrate the composition of a diamond and ruin its structure.

White gold, due to its soft properties, does not penetrate the composition of stones. It can only loosen the frame and stop holding gems. In this case, you can make a new, high-quality frame, which will last as many years as the previous one. It is better to buy a frame with white gold in its structure and not be afraid that in a few years the diamond may deteriorate.

The price range of jewelry items that are made from such alloys is quite wide. In some stores, you can find budget options that have a more affordable cost, and in some prestigious jewelry stores, there is jewelry that are made strictly by order and are exclusive.

The price corresponds to the sample

If you know the sample product, you can determine the exact or approximate price. White gold, which is sold at the cheapest and most common prices, has a sample label 585. It contains more than 50% of ordinary yellow gold, a little more than ten percent nickel, as well as a small amount of silver and zinc. Such gold is called base metal due to the fact that non-ferrous metals are present in its structure.

The cost of white gold in jewelry stores is almost identical to the price of regular gold per gram. Due to the fact that silver, nickel and other components of the alloy are much less than ordinary yellow metal, shopkeepers profit significantly from customers.

Sample 588 has an unusual alloy. It consists of pure gold and platinum in a ratio of 11: 1. This compound has a much higher value than base gold. Such an alloy not only has a high level of strength and reliability, it has an original and bright appearance due to its light blue hue.

Such elegant and expensive material can be handled only by large and well-known companies, for which real professionals work. For this reason, the price of the products can be very high.


Many alloys may include nickel. It is capable of causing an allergic reaction to the skin, namely dermatitis. Every eighth user is faced with such a problem. From the outside, some people may think that silver is of poor quality. This may offend the owner because he gave a fairly large amount of money for this jewelry.

This article can help potential buyers to choose the most suitable product in white gold.

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