Bowater by Birtley is pleased to offer a full array of colours from its in-house paint line, on its wide range of composite doors. And never has colour been so important as Kevin Kiernan of Bowater by Birtley explains: “Property experts have confirmed that an immaculate front door is the key to selling a house. However, the best colour depends on the position of the property. Pastels work best for city dwellings while natural shades should be used in the countryside. Meanwhile, trending colours are bright yellow, pink and turquoise. We already know the importance of colour, but as its placed under the spotlight by property experts, manufacturers need to be in a strong position to deliver.

“We invested in an in-house paint line so that we have complete control over the delivery of a wide range of colours. We can colour match any specific requirements for the more individual colour projects and where required, we can also colour match the frame to the door. Homeowners want choice when it comes to the colour of their front door and with recent press articles suggesting that the colour they choose says something about what kind of person they are, there is even more need to offer a whole array of options!

“The Bowater by Birtley range of composite doors is about offering choice so the end user has precisely the door they want, not a compromised version of it. Our in-house paint line, number of door styles and the option of single or dual rebate composites allows us to do just that. Which in turn allows our customers to differentiate from the competition.”

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